About Us

Art is powerful. Art is expressive. Art leaves impressions.


NoċeMuskata is the brainchild of Sarah-Lee Zammit, who has been a mainstay of the Maltese arts scene for over a decade. Realising the impact and empowerment the arts can bestow to the individual, Sarah-Lee embarked on a journey to share this wonderful resource with everyone, through her academic and hands-on knowledge of the sector. After working in various roles in the arts sector in Malta, she decided it was time to start her own business to empower arts, to empower people. Today, the NoċeMuskata team comprises a network of experts and professionals in an array of fields to best serve your needs. At Noċe, we know that the arts can be a vehicle for true change and communication in all spheres of life.


Founder and Director


Sarah-Lee boasts experience as a producer, performer, mentor, and communications consultant in a wide range of fields, but her relationship with the arts is a love story like no other.


Having researched theatre pedagogy and theatre anthropology across the span of nine years, with a particular focus on researching performative processes, she formed part of αctionβase Studio – a group enquiring on the investigation and potentiation of creativity. The group presented its work in Malta, Slovenia and Poland and led several workshops in Malta and Athens.


Sarah-Lee now pours her knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm into her services to a growing client base, who, like Sarah-Lee, recognise the power and potential of the arts to their enterprise’s vision and goals.


NoċeMuskata’s strength lies in its expertise of the arts sector, but also in its capacity to build a vast network of experts hailing from a variety of areas. The below are just a few of the many professionals we work with on a daily basis:



Monique is an executive at NoċeMuskata. She is an experienced Marketing Assistant with a history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Instagram, Interpersonal Skills, Teamwork, Google Analytics, and Digital Marketing. Strong marketing professional with a Master of Science – MSc focused in Strategic Management and Digital Marketing from University of Malta.  Monique is also the owner and creator of Tislijiet, an online shop with a collection of (mostly) Maltese greeting cards which are designed and hand-drawn by herself.



While Carolin has always loved all kinds of dance, she discovered her true passion in expressive dance and dance therapy. A global activist, entrepreneur, and coach, she founded a women’s empowerment initiative in the Middle East and recently worked pro bono with a group of social entrepreneurs in Cambodia.
At Noċe, she facilitates group coaching sessions and workshops that promote a more productive flow and rhythm in the workplace.


In between her legal advocacy work and human rights activism, Désirée has been proofreading and copywriting for over seven years. From speeches to theses; from press releases to magazine articles, she has dotted every i and crossed every t.



Anthony is an experienced Senior Designer with years of professional experience working in advertising and marketing agencies. His sharp eye for detail and avant-garde designs have led to successful media campaigns in print, online, socials, and web. Anthony is a true Renaissance man when it comes to marketing, handling everything from initial briefings to the final stages of projects a variety of clients.



Rachael is an urban anthropologist who practices her profession in everything she does. Issues of social injustice concern her deeply, and she seeks every opportunity to create awareness around those issues – be it at an individual, social, or academic level. A big believer in incremental change, as a scholar, she passes on her knowledge and experience on a multitude of issues, including sexuality and gender, alternative family formations, housing, the anthropology of home and the built environment, and the politics of practicing anthropology.



Elaine is a freelance cultural manager, strategy developer, and workshop mentor, with extensive experience in the development of the creative sector. Over the years, she has taken onboard various roles, and collaborated with experts in the local scene. Over and above her practical expertise, Elaine has also obtained a Masters’ degree in both Cultural Management and Translation Studies.



Kit is the author of several poems and short stories and has served various roles in language organisations, including the National Council for the Maltese Language. As a teacher-librarian and literary editor, a book is never out of reach, especially if it’s about rambling, silence, or Maltese literature. When he isn’t reading or correcting, you can usually find Kit in the countryside.