Guiding Principles

We believe in connecting people to the arts and leveraging the arts for the betterment of self and society

We Push Boundaries

By combining a deep study of best practices with a willingness to push the boat out and take some calculated risks, we find a path to innovation that has a solid grounding in proven communication strategies. This way our work gets attention for the artists we’re working with in this noisy world.

We Strive to Improve Human Experience

The human being is always at the core of everything we do, even the people who work with NoċeMuskata have the arts at heart, the arts raise them up, make them better people and better service providers for our clients, because they truly believe and love what they do. This gives us energy and enthusiasm to seek to understand the true needs of the client

We Work Towards the Betterment of Society

Arts enrich us, they help us understand ourselves, question things that make no sense to us and explore new perspectives when we feel stuck in old ways. They also help us start dialogues with others around us and raise issues in a way that encourages people to think.

We Lead Positive Change

Artists can be leaders of change. The arts lift us up and give us a chance to comment on current affairs, to communicate vision, to ask questions of the world around us and ourselves, to get to know ourselves and get out of our comfort zones.

We Build Bridges

Some people might not be familiar with the art world, they might feel excluded because of their lack of education or experience. We want to fling the doors wide open and invite everyone to walk right through to a new and colourful world.

We Love to Interact with You

Whether you have questions about the arts or are an artist seeking to connect more to the people, we would love to hear your comments, suggestions and questions, to discuss and exchange

Let’s Work Together