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The arts sector needs to be creative, relevant, and viable.


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There are so many balances to strike. Arts need to provoke, engage, or move people in order to be meaningful, yet the arts sector is often dependent on government funding. Artists need to work in an environment of abundance, yet their creativity is often hindered. The arts sector needs to not only bridge these gaps, but also the gap between the artist and the audience.

“At NoċeMuskata, we understand the unique challenges of the arts sector and we are passionate about co-creating innovative solutions with you.”

That is why we virtually journey to the ends of the earth and back to find the best way to support you in your efforts in the arts sector. We have an existing body of research on the sector and its activities which we regularly update, keeping it relevant, inspiring, and fresh for you. All our services are designed to give you all the support you need. Be it a comprehensive customized programme for you, or a little push where needed to take the pressure off your staff, we are here to maximise your potential. Our team of consultants, coaches and facilitators can offer a wide range of services – from strategy consulting to leadership coaching, from a short workshop to a comprehensive training and consulting plan.



It takes dedication to fully leverage the power of the arts for the greater good. It takes skill and know-how to reach the right people at the right time, to know who is open and perceptive to your vision, and who can be reached with a little extra push.

“At NoċeMuskata, we are passionate about empowering the arts sector to touch people’s lives, to make an impact and to advocate change.”

Let us put our experience and contacts to your service and needs. Together, we can help you reach more people, touch more lives, and fully unleash the power of your art. We – like you – want more people to find their way to the arts, to fully understand and benefit from the way that art can move us, allow us to discover an alternate truth, show us another perspective on life, and provide refuge and a safe space to fully understand who we are. We love using our creativity to ensure that your creative projects reach the intended audiences. We have worked through the toughest of storms – from pandemics to political crises – and our clients have always thrived and connected with their tribe. Whether you are looking for internal or external communication strategies, whether you need help with marketing or PR, employee engagement or social media engagement, we have got your back. Drop us a line.



There are so many ways to tell a story. Audio-visual content has the power to go straight to the heart, to really touch the audience, to help them understand and connect with the artist’s struggle and success, to inform them about what is going on in the arts sector in a way that stays with them. It also has the power to inspire people to take action.

“At NoċeMuskata, we know how to tell stories effectively.”

Video is the most engaging form of content across social media channels. On the other end of the spectrum, podcasts have been gaining traction. We do both – and more. Offering your content and connecting to your audience in a number of different ways is essential. Audiences expect to be taken on a journey, to be given content before they decide to commit to your goals and visions. We can help you realise your ideas for audio-visual content. Whether you already have a concept in mind or just an idea so far, we would love to partner with you in the process of co-
creating eloquent and impactful audio-visual content.