Diplomazija Astuta: An Exclusive Feature by NoċeMuskata

Diplomazija Astuta: An Exclusive Feature by NoċeMuskata

Commissioned by Arts Council Malta, and featured on Nowness International

Earlier this year, the NoċeMuskata team had the honour of documenting Malta’s participation in the 59th Venice Biennale, arguably the largest and most prestigious international cultural institution.

Malta’s pavilion, aptly titled Diplomazija Astuta, looks into the deepest, most visceral themes explored in Caravaggio’s The Beheading of St. John the Baptist (1608) and gives them a contemporary makeover. Through the collective work of artists Arcangelo Sassolino, Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci, Brian Schembri, and co-curators Keith Sciberras and Jeffrey Uslip, Caravaggio’s indignation at the biblical tragedy and injustice feels very much pertinent to our modern times.

In this exclusive feature for Arts Council Malta and Nowness, the NoċeMuskata team, in collaboration with Sebio Aquilina Audio Visuals, closely documented the artists’ and curators’ internal dialogues and processes, which led to the creation of Diplomazija Astuta.

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