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Who we are

Noċemuskata is Malta’s leading communications and public relations company specialising in the arts and creative industry. We are a multi-disciplinary community of open-minded, passionate individuals with over fifteen years of experience in the artistic and cultural community.

As a hive mind of experts, we pool our individual talents, international networks, and extensive insight for a collective purpose–yours. Together, we build mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their publics. We deliver meaningful collaborations, strategies, and campaigns to tell your story, and make a positive difference.


Our Guiding Principles



Noċemuskata adopts a collaborative approach, leaning into the power of inclusion and consultation



We go beyond convention, seeking innovative paths to capture the contemporary zeitgeist.



We owe it to you–and our society–to make a positive impact in all that we do.



The Noċemuskata approach is informed by your unique needs; guided by our principles of collaboration, creativity, and impact, we create bespoke campaigns and strategies to establish lasting partnerships, and share captivating thoughts through–and for–culture.We specialise in curating culturally-led communications work, from content creation to content documentation; PR strategy and campaigns, to creative cultural programmes, training, and consultancy.

Areas of Expertise

Public Relations

Our experts work closely with you to create and deliver razor-sharp long-term strategies to influence, engage and build a relationship with key stakeholders across numerous platforms in order to shape and frame the public perception of your organization. Using our multi-pronged, research-based approach, we ensure the end result is always relevant and industry disruptive.

Media Relations

Our extensive network of contacts, carefully collected over the years, allows us to cultivate long-lasting media relations, press trips, and international media campaigns.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing experts will help you apply a range of strategies to reach your audiences, whether your aim is to sell a ticket for your performance, increase your brand awareness, or simply engage with your organisation. We do this through the use of social media, great content marketing and website marketing. We dig deep into today’s vast and intricate cross-channel world to constantly discover strategies that make an impact through engagement marketing.

Communication Work

Our team of creative thinkers are at your disposal; whether you seek traditional or digital media campaigns, we have the experience and enthusiasm to create and manage targeted and innovative communication campaigns which tell your story to your intended audience. From content creation to tone tailoring, media analytics to social media management.

Audio - Visual Productions

Noċemuskata is proud to empower the arts through the creation of several audio-visual productions, including documentaries, series, and television programs. Our work elevates and puts a well-deserved spotlight on creatives and their work.


Known for our exclusive cultural and arts based fundraising events, the Noċemuskata team is ready to assist you in delivering unique experiences. From concept to delivery, we can make event planning a breeze, and ensure events are memorable and effective.


Working together, we will help your organization to assess audience engagement and financial viability in order to develop strategic priorities and a roadmap for the future. Noċemuskata works with artists, public cultural organisations, museums, galleries, performing arts venues, national entities and private institutions alike. We have a proven track record of generating value, building and maintaining reputations and creating memorable campaigns.


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Noċe Team

The Noċemuskata team is a community of cultural experts from a diversity of backgrounds, and we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to add value to our clients. We are open to exploring different partnerships, from freelance work to internships and career prospects.

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