Inkontru (noun)

An unexpected meeting with someone or something. (See also: rendezvous; meeting)

Events made extraordinary. Discover, experience, share. is not your run-of-the-mill events app. is a community of like-minded individuals eager to connect and experience the best of the arts and culture world has to offer.

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  3. Select the ‘Account’ tab at the bottom of the app.
  4. Select Wallet.
  5. Select Promotions – Add promo code.
  6. Insert code.
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  8. Restart your App



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When paying your bill at any of the restaurants outlets of Cuba, Gululu and Vecchia Napoli , open the web app’s menu and go to OFFERS. Show this page to the staff at the restaurant and enjoy your exclusive 10% discount! is a web app

No need to download is a web app, which means it is very easily accessible from your mobile with a web browser and an internet connection. You can access instantly without the need to download or install any additional software. Just open your internet browser and key in


No storage space taken does not take up any of your mobile storage space. Unlike native mobile apps (the ones you download from Google store or Apple app store) that require storage space on your device, does not consume any storage space.


Seamless updates is hosted on servers, which means updates and improvements can be implemented on the server side without requiring you to manually download and install updates. This ensures that you always have access to the latest version of without any hassle.


Easy sharing and distribution
Web apps are typically easier to share and distribute compared to native apps. You can simply share a link to and your family and friends can access it instantly without going through an app store or installation process.

How to use on your mobile

What does provide you?

Events made extraordinary. Discover, experience, share. goes beyond just providing you with event dates and times. You can access captivating video clips, obtain Google Map directions, event details, and even get information to buy the event ticket when available. Additionally, you can easily share these events with your loved ones.

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