Inkontru (noun)

An unexpected meeting with someone or something. (See also: rendezvous; meeting)

There is simply nothing like on the market right now. We have created a pan-European video-based web app to give users a tailor-made overview of ongoing art, culture, and heritage events. goes beyond just providing you with event dates and times. You can access captivating video clips, obtain Google Map directions, event details, and even get information to buy the event ticket when available. Additionally, you can easily share these events with your loved ones.

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Sicily Event Organisers launching in Sicily in summer 2024

Starting summer 2024, let tourists explore Sicily’s enchanting arts, culture, and heritage on! Prepare to amaze tourists by the rich offerings of the island and let more tourists discover the mesmerizing events Sicily has to offer. List your events on and connect with a global audience eager to experience the unique charm of Sicilian culture.

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Promotional ecosystem
As an event organiser, benefit from a promotional ecosystem including features on all Maltese TV stations, social media, inflight magazines, and vloggers.


No need to download is a web app, which means it is very easily accessible from your mobile with a web browser and an internet connection. Just open your internet browser and key in


No storage space taken does not take up any of your mobile storage space.


Easy sharing and distribution
You can simply share a link to and your family and friends can access it instantly without going through an app store or installation process.


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