Arts Council Malta Strategy

Research and Evaluation for Arts Council Malta Strategy 2020

In an exciting collaboration with Arts Council Malta, the NoċeMuskata team worked on the research and evaluation work for the Council’s Strategy 2020. 

A four-year strategy document, Create 2020 set five goals to be addressed by seventy actions, and implemented through nine strategic tools by three identified groups. 

This Strategy was particularly seminal for the arts and culture scene in Malta, given that it was the first for the Council, following its restructure in 2015. 

NoċeMuskata was entrusted with the Strategy’s post mortem, scientifically evaluating the successes and challenges incurred throughout its duration, thus building a solid base for future strategies.

Consultation and Development: Arts Council Malta Strategy 2021 – 2025

Following a successful evaluation of Arts Council Malta’s 2020 Strategy, NoċeMuskata once again collaborated with the Council, this time in the development of the Strategy for 2021-2025, which was published and launched in July of 2022. 


Building on the evidence-based work carried out in the evaluation of the previous Council Strategy, our team embarked on a participatory process to seek submissions on the future strategy. 


Despite numerous challenges (including a global pandemic), our team managed to build new bridges between the Council and Malta’s creatives, as well as strengthen previously existing ones. The extensive stakeholder consultation led to fruitful and necessary discussions, and equally important recommendations, which went on to form part of the Council’s final Strategy 2021 – 2025. 


Over and above the methodology and research related to the Strategy, NoċeMuskata was also asked to brand the process. Attention to detail was the name of the game in this task, with our team reviewing everything, from logo animations to bespoke GIF creation and the creation of a dedicated web-page illustrating the process leading to the publication of the Strategy.


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