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An unexpected meeting with someone or something. (See also: rendezvous; meeting) is not your run-of-the-mill events app. is a community of like-minded individuals eager to connect and experience the best the arts and culture world has to offer. connects, surprises, and empowers in an agile data-driven way. How will you embrace the opportunities?


There is simply nothing like on the market right now. We have created a pan-European video-based web app to give users a tailor-made overview of ongoing events. This is no mere calendar app: offers in-depth information and expert reviews of ongoing events by the Noċemuskata culture editors. embodies the future for a thriving and sustainable arts and culture ecosystem. The free to use web app is a next generation curated arts and culture calendar, that offers users a tailored insight into what’s available, while also empowering arts and culture professionals through unique visibility, exposure, and audience insight. A Noċemuskata original creation, is the brain child of a team of culture, technology and data experts, who joined forces to energise communities and push the arts into the 21st century through a pan-European platform.

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Welcome to the future of cultural connectedness.

Noċemuskata’s latest venture,, draws on the team’s extensive experience in the arts, media, technology, and digital marketing together with strategic partners in research, data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine  learning  to provide a unique web app, aimed at elevating the sector to new heights.

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In our discussions with our trusted stakeholders in the industry one main issue kept coming up again and again; a significant lack of data on audience behaviour. This vacuum has forced professionals and creatives to market their work blindly with their efforts often failing to reach their intended audience. is unique in this sense: through the use of data within the web app, we will be able to provide invaluable marketing insights which will significantly lead to audience development and growth.

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