Meet Monique McCarthy

Meet Monique McCarthy

Meet one of our collaborators, Monique McCarthy.

“I started working with NoċeMuskata around a year ago, a few months after finishing my Masters.

As the Assistant Producer and one of the interviewers at MALTARTI, I am able to speak with various artists. This allows me to find out more about their backstory, about the motivation and intention behind a certain piece. I find these stories intriguing.

Through my work I got the opportunity to participate in a Masterclass on Cultural Journalism by Ri Chakraborty. Since I come from a different field, it was very helpful for me to learn more about interviewing artists about their work in the Masterclass. Ri generously shared her experience with us.

It was great that we all worked together, helping each other to improve our interviewing skills, to make the interviewee comfortable, so that they can open up about their artistic process.

Their stories are so inspiring and moving. They talk about joys and challenges we can all relate to and how those shaped their art. Lately the pandemic has been a big topic, of course. Understanding the depth of feeling and thought that went into it, gives me a whole new perspective on their work.

It’s great to see how the arts can help people through a difficult time, how the arts can help even me to cope better.

Aside from MALTARTI, I also work on Communications and Marketing with NoċeMuskata. Having such a variety of roles has provided me the opportunity to further my skills in different areas.

It has always been important to me to have a career which focused on the betterment of society, while meeting new people and learning about their stories and this is at the centre of NoċeMuskata’s values.

I look forward to what the year ahead has in store for the team, that we may continue expanding while staying fully aligned with the NoċeMuskata values and vision.”

Photo Credits: Peter Pullicino